Mexi Music offers:

1-Specialised consultancy services in the areas of Latin-American dance and
musical Programme Education, training and consulting on educational
Workshops, Formal musical training with a creative approach, musical
ensembles, etc
Didactic concerts for schools with live music and dance.

2-Suply of original compositions and musical arrangements.  
For Big band, Orchestra, Choir, Chamber music, original music for Dance
and theatre, cinema,Jingles, etc

3-Local event management and musical performances with cultural
Concerts with original and creative Latin music and dancing performances.

4-Sales and marketing of professional entertainment
Latin Jazz, Jazz, Salsa and Merengue bands, Traditional latin American
music, traditional Mexican music and dance, Mariachi, Strollers, Dancers:
samba, tango, flamenco, salsa, Folkloric, etc.


Specialised consultancy services in the areas of Latin-American musical

Didactic concerts for the schools.

The innovation of Mexi Music lays in an original educational system which
helps students to learn about the Latin American rich culture with the use of
all their senses achieving a first approach to life in this countries as well as to
enjoy the beauty of the music.
Tango (Argentina), cha cha, danzon, mambo, (Cuba), Samba, Bossas,
(Brazil), rancheras, bolero (México) Merengue (Dominican Republic),
Cumbia (Colombia) and salsa (Puerto Rico) among other rythmes are
played for a period of one hour accompanied by briefs explanations,
dancing demonstrations and slides with colourful photographs from the
different countries.
During the performances the students will participate dancing and singing.
Education, training and consulting on educational programmes.

1. Design and musical consultancy for creative software programmes that
can help  children and young musicians to develop the basic concepts for
popular music, jazz and Latin Music.

2. Training professionals musicians in the specialised field of Latin music,
create a
Qualified team of professional musicians that can collaborate in others
projects like performances, recordings etc.

3. Creative music lessons for institutions or private tuition.
Supply of original compositions and musical arrangements.
supply of musical arrangements for:
Bands actually performing, mexi music can fill a blank space of quality
music with original, traditional and contemporary arrangements, in Jazz,
Pop and Latin Music.
Big Bands, mexi music can provide arrangements for the full horn orchestra
with conduction included in what might be unknown for them.
Comercial and music productions, mexi music can provide arrangements
and musical direction in order to guarantee the quality of the CD in
different styles of music.
Chorals, chamber ensembles, trios, etc, classical musicians interested in
playing popular music con be provided with fine arrangements for their
Mexi music provides original music for any artistic multidisciplinary
activities, such as contemporary dance, theatre, cinema, audiovisuals,
educational programmes, etc, etc
Original songs for commercial recording and jingles